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Furniture Cleaning Tucson AZ

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In addition to cleaning your carpet, you will probably need to clean your furniture. Clean furniture will be able to compliment your clean carpet as well. Being similar to carpet, furniture can hold a lot of stains and contaminants that can’t be seen by the human eye. They also have different types of surfaces and fibers that vary in different methods of furniture cleaning. Make sure you know what material your furniture is to make sure how it should be clean, and if it is capable of cleaning. If you don’t know what method of furniture cleaning to go with, contact a professional to inspect your furniture.
Good furniture cleanings are needed to keep a home looking and sometimes even smelling great. Unfortunately, cleaning furniture isn’t like cleaning clothes; you can’t just throw your sofa in a washing machine and be done in an hour. There are actually 6 steps you need to take before good furniture cleaning. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1) Schedule wisely. If there are active children in the home, then furniture cleaning needs to happen when they’re not around. The same holds true for pets. You don’t want anyone or anything bouncing on the couch when it is vulnerable to damage from various cleaning methods. (This is all less of an issue if you you’re only dealing with crib-bound babies or pets you can crate.)

2) Know what kind of cleaning each piece of furniture needs. Check under the cushions for tags or instructions indicating the best way to clean a piece of furniture. There are likely do’s and don’ts you need to abide by in order to both clean and protect your furnishings. If you go months at a time between cleanings, don’t trust your memory to have every little detail memorized, so brush up every time you clean your furniture.

3) Make sure the right supplies are on-hand. When you check out the instructions or manual for each piece of furniture, either through the furniture’s own documentation or via online research, write down a list of all the supplies you need for any cleanings you do by yourself. Check around your home for what you already have on-hand before running out to the store for more.

4) Consider if a full cleaning is even needed. In many cases, some furniture might only need spot cleaning. In other situations, maybe you can just freshen up the look by cleaning the cushions and then throwing a new blanket over the back of the couch. You might need to do a full cleaning every time.

5) Be open to new ideas. If you have furniture that is more than 10 years old, there might be new cleaning products, techniques or ideas that are available but not mentioned in the instructions. Keep your eyes and ears open for restoration ideas that were discovered along the way.

6) Let the professionals handle it. If you’re serious about furniture cleaning, there’s a good bet carpet cleaners are coming too. Some of them also clean upholstered furniture on top of carpets. See if you can just get them to come in and handle everything at once.

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