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Green Seal Certified® & Soap-Free Carpet Cleaning Tucson AZ

Carpet Cleaning Pros Tucson is Green Seal Certified® & and provides soap-free carpet cleaning by professional and licensed technicians. You will receive the safest and most rigorous cleaning with our Green Seal Certified® & soap-free cleaning solutions. Your carpet will get the best cleaning through our truck-mounted steam cleaning. Our services include pet treatments are here to fight strong odors, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Pros Vans Tucson
Carpet Cleaning Pros Vans Tucson

Call 520-399-6032 or fill out the form above and you will be reached out to by our courteous technicians. Carpet Cleaning Pros Tucson is a BBB A+ business with nearly 20 years’ experience in Arizona.

Unlike regular run-of-the-mill carpet cleaners, Carpet Cleaning Pros Tucson takes pride in using environmentally safe products. Our services are certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute®. Green Seal Certified® products, we will ensure the safest and best cleaning for your home and your family!

There is no other business for Green Seal Certified® & soap-free Carpet Cleaning Tucson AZ that takes more pride in using environmentally safe products than us. Compare us to our competitors – our products are likewise certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute® but additionally, our products are certified by Green Seal Certified®.

  • We are Soap & Detergent Free
  • We are Odor Free
  • We are Nontoxic
  • We are Hypoallergenic**
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • NO Enzymes Are Used
  • NO Bacteria will be left
  • NO Bleach included
  • NO Oxidizing or Reducing Agents are included


We currently have Green Seal Certified® & soap-free carpet cleaning Tucson AZ Specials of $120 for 3 Rooms and $139 for 4 Rooms.


Carpet Cleaning Pros Tucson Green Seal Certified
Carpet Cleaning Pros Tucson Green Seal Certified


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