Mold Removal Tucson AZ

Mold Removal Tucson AZ

Mold Removal Tucson AZ

Mold is a common result from water damage, even in the desert. It’s known to spread throughout a home or office extremely fast, making it a real issue if left to grow.  Some signs of mold include a musty odor or strange patches of color on your tiles, walls, or flooring. Mold is dangerous and can create unwanted risks for anyone’s health, which is why mold removal is usually necessary at the first sign of its presence.

Our professionals are trained and specialized in mold removal and damage repair to eliminate every trace of mold within the area. 

Combining state of the art tools and equipment with top quality customer service, we are skilled and prepared or any mold problems you may have. We take being the best Tucson Mold Damage Renovation Company very seriously.

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Where can Tucson Mold be found?

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Mold does not always come from floods or pipe leaks. Mold can form in very small amounts, usually growing behind appliances that use water such as washers and sinks that are prone to leaking.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, as mold loves to grow in dark areas that are often out of sight.

Extent of the Mold Damage

Testing and inspecting for mold is a long and tough process which is not complete until the spores are removed.

Mold spores like to hide inside surfaces and porous material, meaning damage could go beyond what you see. Remodeling may be required if the mold damage is extensive enough.

If the damage is proven to be substantial, the home could be required to be quarantined during the mold removal process. Home owners and inhabitants sometimes even need to find a place to stay temporarily until the process is done.

It’s important to work fast around mold issues, and our technicians are prepared for this. We maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and always provide our customers with the absolute best service we can. We strive to continually exceed expectations, especially during time sensitive events like this.

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